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AI USB flash drive coaching manual – 1 Sany Heavy Industry

AI, ChatGPT can be said to be this year’s flow of top stream, do not use a little feel OUT!

Here is how I will use AI to apply to the specific work, as an example.

Take Sany Heavy Industry to take an example of it, assuming that the customer asked us to design, produce a construction machinery products as the theme of the USB flash drive, then I first use CHATGPT to point of creativity.

Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., generally known as Sany, is a leading global manufacturer of heavy machinery and equipment. Headquartered in Changsha, Hunan, China, Sany was founded in 1989, and over the years, it has established a reputation for producing reliable, innovative, and quality heavy machinery. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, it is one of the largest heavy equipment manufacturers in the world.

Sany’s product portfolio covers a wide range of heavy machinery across various sectors such as construction, road, hydraulic engineering, port, mining, and energy resources. The company is particularly renowned for its concrete machinery products, which are considered top class internationally.

The star products in Sany’s concrete machinery line include concrete pump trucks, trailer-mounted concrete pumps, and concrete mixing trucks. Their concrete pump trucks are noted for their superior performance, high efficiency, ease of operation, and durability.

Another major product line is the crawler crane series, which are widely used in various industries for their strong hoisting capacity, reliable performance, and high safety standards.

Sany’s excavators, both mini and large, are also noteworthy. They have a reputation for their advanced technology, high efficiency, excellent durability, and ease of maintenance, making them a preferred choice in the construction and mining industries.

Sany is committed to innovation and sustainable development, investing heavily in research and development to provide intelligent and environmentally friendly solutions to their customers worldwide. It has set up manufacturing bases in various countries, including the US, Germany, India, and Brazil, ensuring a global reach for its products and services.

image chatGPT-1

Still mentioned some of the parts that can be used, the following excavator as an example, so that MJ (MIDJOURNEY) to generate the appearance of the U disk, here the English language is not good can be translated with DEEP L,

image 1
image chatGPT-2

This seems to be out of the works can not be used

image 2
MJ 2

Modify the prompt word, change a number of ways of expression, out of the reduced machinery itself, visible some times Ai is also limited capacity, with our own level is very much related to the next, we will continue to teach, and constantly increase the AI on our intention to train, split our workflow, so that the AI to become a good assistant!

image 3
MJ 3
image 4
MJ 4
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