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New publishing opportunities in script killing


————Screenplay killing industry Electronic content carrier USB flash drive

Script kill, this arguably the hottest table game among young people at present, because of its own entertainment, social attributes, since the 2020 epidemic continues to be hot, the end of 2019 script kill the total market reached 10 billion yuan, the scale of rapid growth and continues to grow at a high rate.

   On the development prospects of the script killing industry, market analysis here is not too much discussion, macro make people right, micro make money, here I just want to combine their own can do things as a small entrance, throwing a few script killing and their own U disk industry immature small ideas:

  1. Benchmarked against mature foreign script killing market, preliminary judgment of this industry in the country belongs to version 1.0, the future there is still a lot of development, norms, optimization space, but the copyright issue must be resolved, the reason is that the excellent book creators – authors and distributors are the very key core elements of this chain; industry to develop on There must be a policy to regulate, and this copyright involves the review of the content, apply for the version number and other matters, led by the publisher to apply for formal copyright so that we can regulate the best; electronic content copyright can be achieved with the U disk anti-copy function.
  • 2. script kill in a comprehensive text, pictures, scenes, music, video, these contents are suitable for U disk as a carrier storage, improve the scene forced, enhance the player experience; script kill belong to consumables, the same book players will not play a second time, unlike a book to buy back can be repeatedly read, so this volume once up, will grow by leaps and bounds. Specific U disk product form can be card U disk, custom script in the role of IP U disk and other forms.

Card U disk schematic: (for reference only, do not commercial use)

credit card usb flash drive

Custom role IP U disk schematic: (for reference only, do not commercial)

剧本杀iPu Custom role IP U disk

3.previously talked about the U disk with the book, see the link https://zhaoupan.com/peishu/ for details

It can be simply understood that the boxed script kill is comparable to a book, together with a U disk.

The script kill is not a novel, but has game properties, so the price of the script is also several times higher than ordinary books, for authors, distribution, stores we can allocate relatively large space. Take the boxed sale for example, (all regular script kill stores can buy), a set of boxed book pricing minimum of 400 yuan, unlimited sale, script kill consumption is great, no matter how good the script, 95% are disposable consumer goods, players play through, will not choose the same script, so each script kill table games store, at least 200 sets of different types of scripts to store, the supply of boxed book The demand is the largest, with a minimum pricing of 400 yuan, as long as 1,000 copies are sold, there will be 400,000 yuan.

    To sum up: the combination of the script killing industry and the publishing industry is in the early stages of the blue ocean, which contains what opportunities and challenges, the majority of relevant practitioners need to work together! There are two things in the world closest to the quality of “Tao”, one is water, one is money, you can help how many people, how many people will give you money; you can solve the problem of how much money, you can get how much money, I wish everyone in this blue ocean market combined with their own resources, more to achieve self-worth, for the standardization of the market, prosperous development to contribute!

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